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This is the website of IMISCTC

The committee is more commonly referred to as the CTC and is a sub-committee of the IMIS. The committee meets once a month in London and its membership is from all across the cinema exhibition industry, from projectionists to distributors.

Our aim is to providing the support and development of cinema projectionists through information and training. The committee is also responsible for providing projectionist training courses which are run throughout the country at different cinemas, with a constantly changing remit and programme.

Details of future courses can be found on this page, or under the training section.

You will also find details on the Projectionist Certification scheme, which was created in associated with the UK Cinema Association to promote best practise in cinema presentation across the UK industry.

The Cinema Technology Magazine is closely linked to the committee, with it’s editor Jim Slater sitting on the committee, with many of the members regularly providing articles and other contributions to this widely appreciated publication. Being a technology committee the CTC like playing with new technology and apart from both printed and electronic versions of Cinema Technology Magazine, there is also a presence on Facebook.

We have a new Training session in 2017 (date TBC)

This will be held at the newly built Odeon in Milton Keynes. It has 9 screens, 2 are isense Screens plus one IMAX screen.

Below is Odeon Milton Keynes Stadium